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At Reyff Electric, we recognize that electrical services for mobile homes and mobile home parks require a specialized approach distinct from traditional residential services. Our team of licensed electricians are equipped with the expertise and understanding of the unique electrical systems found in mobile homes. We’re  dedicated to providing the highest quality electrical services and solutions tailored specifically to the needs of mobile home residents.

Why Mobile Home Electrical Services Are Unique

Mobile homes and mobile home parks present specific electrical challenges and configurations, different from those in standard homes. Our services are designed to address these unique needs, from specialized grounding requirements to the intricacies of connecting a mobile home to a park’s electrical system. You can trust our mobile home electricians at Reyff Electric to install, repair or troubleshoot nearly any project in your mobile home.

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Reyff Electric was established in 1980 by Ray Reyff Sr. In 2002, his son Ray Reyff Jr. officially took over the company. For over 40 years Reyff Electric has been a family run business with offices in Rohnert Park and Fairfield Ca and servicing SonomaSolanoMarinNapaYolo, & Sacramento counties. With a history of quality electrical services and multiple awards and recognitions, you cannot go wrong choosing Reyff Electric. Our electrical contractors offer residential and commercial electrical services for both large and small projects throughout Northern California. If you’re looking for electrical work – we’re the team that can’t be beat.

Expert Mobile Home Electrical Services

At Reyff Electric, we’re full service electrical contractors – we offer both residential and commercial electrical services. No job is too big or too small for us – call Reyff Electric and experience these benefits:

  • Custom Electrical Safety Inspections: Tailored for mobile homes, our inspections focus on the unique aspects of mobile home wiring and electrical systems, ensuring everything is up to code and safe for residents.
  • Targeted Electrical Repairs and Maintenance: Understanding the specific electrical systems within mobile homes allows us to efficiently diagnose and repair issues, preventing common problems unique to mobile home living.
  • Electrical Upgrades and Installations: Whether upgrading service panels to accommodate modern appliances or installing outdoor lighting, our services consider the special requirements and layouts of mobile homes and parks.
  • Surge Protection for Mobile Homes: We offer surge protection solutions designed to safeguard mobile homes from electrical surges, which can be a frequent concern in mobile home park settings.


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