Power outages are becomming more common as we are experiencing so many weather changes, storms and fires in California every year. Don’t scramble at the last minute trying to get power to your home. When you have a whole home generator installed, your power will automatically transfer as soon as your power goes out. Our electricians at Reyff Electric can install any home or commercial generator and are certified installers for Kohler, Generac and Honeywell.



Automatic Standby Generators are self exercising, meaning they will automatically start and run at a scheduled time for a set period of time. During this exercise, your generator will self check and notify you of any error codes or service needed. This will ensure your generator is functioning properly and ready for the next utility shut down. Reyff Electric is certified for any scheduled or emergency service or maintenance.


When your power goes out, your transfer switch will automatically kick in, transferring your power source to your backup generator. Have peace of mind that your home is taken care of whether you're at home or away.


Don't worry about keeping the neighborhood up with a loud generator. Our systems are quiet but still powerful. They come prepackaged in a weatherproof, sound insulated enclosure. Not to mention they use clean burning natural gas or propane fuel, not smelly gasoline or diesel fuel.


All houses and needs are different. We offer generator systems in an extensive range of capacities to ensure all your power needs are met when there is a power-supply failure. From 7kW right up to 150kW, the systems are either propane or natural gas powered, and either air or liquid cooled.

Disasters will come and go. However, you and your family can enjoy life uninterrupted in the comfort of your home. Take a look at the generators we are certified dealers and installers of OR call today for your no obligation estimate for a new standby generator installation that’s just right for your home.