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Home Electrical Inspections By Reyff Electric

At Reyff Electric, we offer comprehensive home electrical inspections throughout Northern California. Our certified and experienced electricians are dedicated to ensuring the electrical safety and efficiency of your home. Whether you’re buying, selling, or maintaining your property, our comprehensive electrical inspections help provide the peace of mind you need.

Why Home Electrical Inspections Are Important

As a homeowner, or a potential buyer – it’s often easy to forget that there’s a lot going on behind the walls of a home. Some important reasons for a home electrical inspection include: 

Enhanced Safety: Our inspections help identify potential electrical hazards before they can cause harm, protecting your family and property.

Preventing Costly Repairs: Early identification of an electrical issue or hazard helps to avoid expensive emergencies and repairs, saving you money in the long run.

Ensuring Compliance: Our home electrical inspections are made to ensure your home’s electrical systems meet all current electrical codes and standards, safeguarding against legal and insurance issues.

Energy Efficiency: Our experts are able to provide recommendations for improving your home’s electrical efficiency, potentially reducing your energy bills.

Whether you are buying, selling or maintaining a home – a home electrical inspection can help prevent costly repairs or electrical emergencies later on – give Reyff Electric a call today at 707-585-2481.


Reyff Electric was established in 1980 by Ray Reyff Sr. In 2002, his son Ray Reyff Jr. officially took over the company. For over 40 years Reyff Electric has been a family run business with offices in Rohnert Park and Fairfield Ca and servicing SonomaSolanoMarinNapaYolo, & Sacramento counties. With a history of quality electrical services and multiple awards and recognitions, you cannot go wrong choosing Reyff Electric. Our electrical contractors offer residential and commercial electrical services for both large and small projects throughout Northern California. If you’re looking for electrical work – we’re the team that can’t be beat.

Our Home Electrical Inspections

Don’t compromise on safety or efficiency. Trust Reyff Electric for your Home Electrical Inspection needs. Our services include:

  • Full-Home Electrical System Check: A thorough examination of your entire electrical system, including wiring, panels, switches, outlets, and appliances.

  • Electrical Panel Inspection: Assessing the condition and capacity of your electrical panel to make sure it can handle your home’s current and future electrical needs.

  • Outlet and Switch Testing: We test all outlets and switches to make sure they are functioning correctly and safely, including testing for proper grounding and GFCI protection.

  • Lighting and Fixture Evaluation: Inspecting light fixtures and their installations for safety and efficiency.

  • Safety Device Assessment: Checking smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and any other safety devices for proper operation.

Let us help identify potential issues that can cause harm to your home or family. With Reyff Electric, we don’t just find issues, we fix them as well. We offer comprehensive electrical repairs if any issues are found during your inspection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical Inspections can on average last between 2-4 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your home’s electrical system.

There are several signs that your home may need an electrical inspection, including frequent breaker trips, flickering lights, outlets or electrical panels that feel warm to the touch, or if your home is over 20 years old and has never had an electrical inspection. If you’re planning to buy or sell a home, an inspection can give you peace of mind or bargaining power.

If our inspectors identify any issues during the inspection, we’ll include detailed findings in your inspection report, along with recommendations for repairs or upgrades. We can also provide a consultation to discuss how these issues can be addressed, the estimated costs, and prioritize repairs based on urgency and your budget.

We recommend a comprehensive inspection every 10 years for newer homes, with older homes or those undergoing renovations or remodels more frequent checks may be needed.

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